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Sometimes, when I think I've lost my mind,
I try to hide away and unwind
'Cause every once in awhile, it feels like a trial on file
It's important to remind myself that I can smile
And damn, it looks good too
Lettin' everybody know they can't get to you
So stand your ground, don't let nobody run around you around
'Cause I have found in the end, if you don't bend, then they're the clowns
And every time that you feel worthless
Stand up and tell yourself that you got a purpose
Go ahead, shake hands with your fate
Or take with a grain of salt the words that I say
But I'd be lyin' if I told you this was my advice
'Cause all the credit goes to the ladies of my life
So give a hug to your sister, a kiss to your girl,
A call to your mother, give love to the women on Real Street

You know who you are
Kisses and hugs to the women on Real Street
You know who you are

So straighten up, keep your chin held high
Live that rough, tough life 'till the day you die, right?
Yeah, don't get yourself all bent outta shape
We've all been there, done that, do it today
'Cause young blood runs deep, you gotta keep countin' sheep
Don't you dare fall asleep just to let it pass by
'Cause yo, in case you didn't know,
History will show, you reap what you sow
Take a little time and design your mind to walk the line
And shine on the lost and the blind
Good lookin', now give yourself a pat on the back
And when they disappoint you, cut 'em some slack
'Cause mercy is the mantra of the meek
While true glory is the mountain, not the peak
So seek the unique, speak with the weak,
geek with the freaks, but don't you ever sneak off scared
'Cause fortune favors the bold
Plus imagine your regrets when you get too old
Yeah, look at you, as the sad truth sets in
Well get up, stand up, live to win
But you were down yesterday back at the mall
So tell me, did you ever make the call?
'Cause I ain't never seen a hero that didn't fall
Before he huffed and he puffed and he snuffed 'em all with a
Job, knob, and some loot to boot
Slick wheels, real meals, and a check for the deck
Better listen to your papa, better listen to your mama,
Better know when you're runnin' the red light on West Main and Drake
'Cause you know you did
Just like I always wanted to ever since I was kid
But alas, I wasn't bold, and now I'm old,
Yet just like you, I still don't have a goddamn clue

You know who you are
Oh yeah
You know who you are
All right


from Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks, released May 14, 2016
Real Street
Lyrics by Chris Sinclair
Guitar and Vocals: Chris Sinclair
Bass Guitar: Carman Goodrich
Drums: John Lawrence



all rights reserved


Fox Kalamazoo, Michigan

John, Chris, and Carman are all from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They went to the same middle school and high school, where they found fellowship through being socially awkward together. The lot of them decided it would make them much cooler if they played instruments. IT DIDN'T WORK. That's okay though, because they have fun playing music anyway and have yet to be cited for offending someone's eardrums. ... more

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